Investment Philosophy

Markets are continually changing. Our approach to investment selection focuses on the aspects you can control which may have a higher impact in helping achieve your goals. Our approach uses fundamental and technical analysis which follow the below variables in an effort to take advantage of these ever changing markets.


Investment allocation is unique to each individual. Total asset allocation includes more than just your investment portfolio. Real estate holdings, private equity, closely held businesses and future liquidity events should be considered when developing a comprehensive allocation. Recommended allocation changes are identified through a deep understanding of your circumstances, careful research and a long term perspective.


Fees can potentially impact the performance of your investments. We believe an effective and transparent fee structure is vital to achieving your long term goals. We aim to provide value well beyond any cost associated with comprehensive wealth planning and investment management.


Investing to potentially reduce taxes through creative strategies and a long term perspective may improve your overall investment strategy. We comprehensively work with other tax advisors to review tax loss harvesting, gifting techniques and implement other tax management strategies to help achieve goals and enhance long term returns as we do not offer tax advice.


The price paid for an investment can potentially impact both the risk and return of that investment. We carefully analyze the price and effectiveness of each asset class at the time we implement our investment strategy. This analysis includes, but is not limited to, Price to Earnings Ratio, Market to Book Ratio and moving averages.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Asset allocation and diversification are investment methods used to help manage risk. They do not guarantee investment returns or eliminate risk of loss including in a declining market.